Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Morning Coffee: Updates

Brief Scout update:  She made it thru the weekend, is very alert but is weak and sleeping/resting much of the time. 
We make a great pair - she has trouble using her back legs and I continue to use crutches because of a damaged hip.  Again, our remaining time together is very special.
Photography/computer update: my understanding and use of the IPad continues to grow. 
After reviewing past work and selecting images, a couple of slide shows have been uploaded to the IPad.  While not sounding like a difficult task, turned out to require several hours of time.   
To make "things" happen on an IPad you need to obtain and use apps.  So, before the constructing the slide shows or anything else, there were at least three days of sorting thru various available applications. 
Again, the usual drill - using the internet for descriptions, reviews, as well as YouTube presentations - to select a few to investigate.  Some were free and others were usually only two or three dollars.
Ended up picking and installing nine apps. Two - AirStash+ and PhotoSync - enable the transfer of images between computers and IPhones/IPads. 
Five apps - Snapseed, Shuttersnitch, PS Express, PS Touch and Photogene - are editing programs.  Took long time selecting editing ones.  Each offer something a bit different and useful.  Suspect that in time only one will end up as the to "go-to" program.  Right now Photogene seems to cover everything needed. 
The remaining two - Photos and Pics - are used to show individual photos and slide shows. 
 The agenda for the coming week will include using and becoming familiar with these apps.
As always, will leave with a photograph:
                                     Union City, Indiana/Ohio

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