Friday, November 01, 2013

TGIF: Old School Revisited

You are either Old School or an American history buff if you recognise the name Wendell Willkie For the folks in Rushville and the state of Indiana he was a very important person.  If you don't know, will leave it for you to figure it out.

On a personal note, a brief health update.  Checked in with the doctor this past week.  He had just returned from lunch and met with me immediately.  As usual I was carrying a book - never know how long the wait might be.  Talked about the book and the author and that led to suggestions from him.  Have I read _____?  Do I know the writing of _______?  At some point he was explaining a plot that he recently had read, but couldn't  recall the title and/or the author.  At that moment, he pulled out his phone and I thought here comes a web search. Nope.  What happened is that numbers were punched, a call was made, a question asked - who wrote and what is the title of that book we just read? Smiling, he told me the answers.  He called his wife - Old School.

Asked if he has considered obtaining a smartphone.  Answer - no way.  Those things and computers are the domain of his wife.  No e-books neither.  Real books with covers and paper.

The "book/reading" conversation lasted some 20-25 minutes.  In the next 10 minutes, checked my problem - while not normal or completely recovered, suggested that's the best it will be, wrote the names of a couple of books that I should read and told me to call if the problem becomes worse.

Old School.


Anonymous said...

The recommendation of two books to read is a good sign your Dr. thinks you will be around for quite awhile. I hope whatever the problem you are recovering. I have been recovering from a triple hernia op. since Oct 2nd. I'm itching to get out & make some photographs. Today is suppose to be nice!

Richard Rodgers said...

May you quickly recover and return to moving about taking photographs. Indoor can be a drag after awhile.