Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday Morning Coffee: Self Acceptance

Self acceptance is an agreement with yourself to appreciate, validate, accept, and support who you are at this moment.
For some this is difficult to do.  Attempting to be something they aren't often leads to less success and even complete failure. 
Tactics used include seeking new a direction, changing materials / tools and attempting to satisfy a specific audience.  
Acknowledging the need to learn and grow, a new path can prove to be rocky and uphill as a new mindset and different skills will often be required.  Examples such as moving from landscape to street photography, woodworking to metalwork and fiction to non-fiction writing, will take time and may or not be successful. 
Changing materials and/or tools can be a steep learning curve. Again success is not guaranteed, as these take time to develop the necessary understanding and skills. For some a new camera or lens will provide new opportunities, entering the digital world from an analog background, moving from a small handheld camera to a large view camera, changing a baseball bat, using a different tennis racquet are a few examples   Some are able to "figure it out", while for others it becomes confusion and an unsolved mystery.
 To chase a particular audience be it what is new and different or in fashion, can be a downward slide. Trends come and go quickly and to commit to what is new and fashionable today is tomorrow's old news.
Self Acceptance - Don't expect amazing photographs, just documentary moments from here and there in the Midwest.
                West Lebanon, Indiana

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