Monday, September 30, 2013

Rearrangeing the Deckchairs

A rainy weekend  here at the World Headquarters Today's Image which meant it was a fine time to rearrange the deckchairs.
The return to more film requires that the darkroom be in working condition. This was quickly done. 
The lightroom was not quickly brought up to speed.  Computers, scanners and printers were scattered about the room and needed to be relocated for an efficient workflow. 
Problems right away.  Scanners are not the latest and they only work using Windows XP, not Windows Vista, 7 or 8.  This meant that a Windows XP computer dedicated to scanning needed to be in the mix. The XP machine uses a CRT monitor.  This monitor has a rather large footprint.  Added to this, scanners work best when located as close as possible to the computer - short connecting cables help  in a quick transfer of data. 
Post processing the scanned images will be done using a Windows 7 machine.  Since the Windows 7 computer is an all in one, it needs only a comfortable working location.
Finally, the printers operate on any of the Windows systems and  they too work best when placed as close as possible to the computer. Since the post processing is done on the Windows 7 computer, it would be best if the printers were connected to that computer.
Spent much of Saturday, moving, locating, placing various pieces of equipment only to move and place again and again. Finally finished late in the day.
Early Sunday morning, selected a few film negatives to scan, process and print. After a couple of hours, gave up.  Computers, scanners and printers were not in useful efficient working locations. 
Time for coffee and looking out the window - still raining, so no walking.  This time put a chair in the middle of the room and considered various solutions.  Added to problem was the overnight decision to include audio - notebook and speakers.  Realized that work best with music in the background.  Arrived at a solution late Sunday afternoon, after a few hours of mental and physical work.
Monday morning tested out the latest arrangement and it works. 
First from Richmond, Indiana.
and from Farmland, Indiana.

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