Monday, September 09, 2013

Monday Morning Coffee: Rainy Ramble Northward


Up early Sunday morning, quick breakfast, loaded the cameras, along with some coffee, in the car. Off for a long drive to Northwestern Ohio.

A bit of fog in the area, but should clear up as the day moves along. Headed straight north along a blue highway headed for US Route 6 that crosses Northern Ohio.

For most folks, Route 6 has been pretty well replaced by the Ohio Tollway with the towns and cities along 6 left behind. My kind of environment.

As I traveled northward, the fog changed to mist and then became a light rain. Not your best photography weather. Pushing on and stopping a couple of times to collect a few images, finally arrived in Napoleon.

Now the City of Napoleon is the county seat of Henry County with a population of less than 8500. On this day the streets were empty. Rain seemed to have kept folks indoors.

First stop a building with attention to detail that is just fantastic.

                          Napoleon, Ohio.

Another discovery, in an alley, was an orginal wall sign.

While the weather was not the greatest, the images more than made up for the lack of sunshine.  More to come in the next few days.

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