Thursday, August 15, 2013

TGIF: In The Moment


In athletics a coach will tell their players that they must live in the moment. Put the past behind and don't be concerned with what will happen in the future. Focus on the "Right Now".  Figure out what is successful and what is not. Determine your opponent's weaknesses and use your strengths to show up their weaknesses. 
Photographers also must live and work in the moment.  The past is gone by and the future is yet to come.  Only in the present can you  photograph. 
 A photographers task is to accept the present and show it in a creative and honest way.    
These are hard times here in the Midwest.  Opportunities for full time employment - factories, big and small businesses - are few. Big box stores and fast food offer - for the most part - part time work.  
 The main street of Richmond is typical of what is happening.  Where once - the past - the street was alive with activity and store fronts were filled with merchandise, there is now a silence and emptiness.  The offerings have changed with the times.  No new latest ------ but rather a recycling of used merchandise.   
                   Richmond, Indiana
                               Richmond, Indiana
As I walk along the street, I recall the past and wonder about the future. All I can do is to live in the moment and show the present, for photography is limited to the "Right Now".    

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