Thursday, July 04, 2013

TGIF: Plan B

In athletics, the advice often given is to play your game.  This is good advice until an opponent is able to understand what you are about and has an “answer” for what you are doing.  This is when you need a Plan B.

In the last few years, professional photography has turned out to be a hard way to earn a living.  Some photographers continued what they had been doing for the last twenty or thirty years.  Now hard copy outlets like newspapers, magazines and catalogs are fading away as more and more folks obtain information electronically. The result was that as their photographic  markets vanished so did they.    They needed a Plan B.

A few photographers changed direction, reinvented themselves and offered solutions to serve the new electronic world. Video and web production were added to or replaced still photography offerings.  New markets opened up and they have been successful.

In today’s world you can’t remain in the past.   What worked yesterday needs to be updated or replaced.  Need to grow, refine, vary and improve your offerings.  

The advice – play your game – is still good advice.  What has to change is your game.

 Plan B: Update your game.

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