Sunday, July 28, 2013

Monday Morning Coffee: Reality

Intended to write about Content.

You know - In media production and publishing, Content is information and experiences that may provide value for an end-user audience.

Then decided that might have recovered enough to be able to "walk about" and capture a few images. An important event which requires a careful choice of tools. Now most of the recent work - before hip problems - has been using Panasonic digital cameras and lenses - fine light weight selection of cameras and lenses. Equipment that could be easily carried and used.

This “walk about” required my best equipment and decided to select my
Nikon kit. Gathered the Nikon cameras and lenses and put them in a Domke bag as usual and headed for the car. Never made it. Way too heavy. Now what - go back, pick up the Panasonic kit and move ahead or forget about it?
Time for coffee and reflection. Now what? What's important here? What are we after? 
Caught between a couple of thoughts - content/craft. In a bit of wedge.
 Craft puts you in complete control over everything from the way your content gets presented to how it meets the end-user audience.

Important to me - having spent some 60 years "working" on my black and white analog photography skills. Time to rethink.

Short story - made a decision to use a lightweight 35mm format SLR system and return to film and the darkroom.

More to come.


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