Monday, May 06, 2013

Monday Morning Coffee: Interesting Week

OT: Scout - the wonder dog - is improving as the days pass.  Now eating twice a day and becoming bit more active.  Considering that in February, the vet said that nothing could be done for her, she has come a long way.   Each day and our time together continue to be ever so valuable. 
Photographically it has been an interesting week. Have been spending some time with the several new technical tools - IPad and its various apps. While not completely under control, seem to be gaining skill in their use.  Need to get out and "field" test to be certain that all are working as they should.
Another portion of time was spent putting together several IPad slide shows.  Reviewing, selecting, sequencing and loading the images seemed to take more time than planned.  Selection was based on showing viewers what it was that I was about.  Slide shows included color, as well as, black and white.
 I am - at this time - not certain about the final medium of presentation.  I am torn, as right now believe "people" are stronger in black and white.  Objects and buildings are best in color.   
As example consider this image from Carlos, Indiana:
In color
or in black and white
Solution is to just keep working and it will settle itself in time.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to read your ol buddy is on the mend. As for your two photo's the bldg. looks best in color. Almost like a painting. The b&w version looks like charcoal drawing's my uncle use to make when I was a kid.