Friday, February 15, 2013


Last refers to what comes as an ending. That which is last comes or stands after all others in a stated series or succession; Last may refer to objects or activities.
Last refers to holding up over time.
Much of my time, in the Last couple of weeks has been spent going over the analog and digital photography tools used to produce Today’s Image.  Starting with the analog darkroom and then moving to the digital lightroom discovered that I own my Last photographic tools.
What has happened is that I am on my Last update cycle. Photographically I am in semi-retirement with limited funds to stay on the update track.  Also, I have noticed that the same amount of money doesn't purchase as much visible gain as it once did. The tools that I have are well made, provide the basics and will Last.
Rather than replacing older tools with newer ones, resources are better spent understanding the present tools.  How they are controlled and what they are capable of, so that the results are the best that the tools can really achieve.
Finally, it’s time to relax, enjoy what I’ve got and get to work. I already own my Last.

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