Friday, February 01, 2013

TGIF: Introduction

On Friday afternoon's the Today's Image work week tends to wind down.  Files have been selected, edited, and scheduled for publication in the coming days.  

 Now there is time to review and reflect on the past week.  What worked and why.  What didn't and why not.  These are immediate tasks and are usually quickly accomplished.

This is also the time to begin thinking/planning for the coming  week. Time to decide about continuing previous projects and/or beginning new directions. These are not always so quickly accomplished.  Indeed, sometimes these decisions are left open to be resolved later. Closure is not always the "best" way of working.  Unknown events/ happenings  have a way of providing direction.

Then, there are the constant questions of importance. Where to spend  limited photography time?  What are the strongest ways of working? 

Finally, after reviewing the past weeks posts, deciding on a direction for the coming week - partly open and party closed - have reaffirmed my commitment to subject matter and of my conviction that useful pictures don't start from ideas. They start from seeing.

Enjoy your weekend and join us here for Monday Morning Coffee.

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