Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Morning Coffee: Down Time

Been a quiet couple of weeks here in the Today's Image World Headquarters.  Due to health issues have been unable to travel and photograph. 
Along with keeping the wood fireplace going and tending to Scout- the wonder dog - most of the photography related work has been confined to editing/reviewing older images, exploring new - to me - software and viewing various photography blogs and web pages.  Trying to get a feeling for what other folks are using and doing. 
Has been interesting to select a few older raw captures and to process them using different software. So far the difference - between the older way of working and the new software - is not great enough to change to a new software work flow. 
After reading way too many web pages and blogs, I have grown tired of photography equipment reviews.  Sure that these are valuable for the person that is new to photography or just wants to have the latest and greatest thing.  Since neither of these "work for me", my reading list has been reduced.
In the past, have learned much from viewing original works of art - drawings, painting, and sculpture.  What has caught my attention are those entries that offer images.  Now a computer screen is not the same as viewing the original image, but it is what's available.  Enjoy viewing what others see and the manner in which they present it.  There is a great variety - some interesting and some not so interesting - of  subject matter and photographic technique.  While not "liking" some, believe it is important to be aware of what others are doing. 
In the light of these past weeks, a few changes are coming to Today's Image.  Will continue to post Monday Morning Coffee on Mondays. On Friday's will post a new entry - TGIF.  Until then check out 
                                                                Huntington, Indiana.

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