Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Morning Coffee: No One Way For All



Last week suggested that photography changes were being considered.  Pinhole photography was a possibility and a couple of examples were offered.  Results looked good, so on Saturday, off to give it a go.

Returned to Spiceland, Indiana.  Been over a year since last visit and discovered that changes have been made.   Former Bank building - now city offices and library -  had been repaired and re-open for use. 

Nice new brickwork along with tasteful landscaping presents a clean - in keeping with the original design -  upgrade.  Community should be very proud.
Above photograph taken with digital camera of choice - Panasonic  G-3.  Result is exactly what was planed - fine color, good detail and sharp image.  Traits that are important for me.
Converting the color photograph to black and white yields:
Still good detail, sharp and fine range of tones.  Again characteristics that are valued in black and white photography.

Using a pinhole camera, the result is:
Way different.  While the tonality is still rather acceptable, the good detail and sharpness are gone.  This is, after all, a pinhole camera.  Not good nor not bad, just different.
When photographing need to consider the subject and exactly what is important for its presentation.  Among the many decisions are lens or lens less cameras, color or black and white; clarity - detail and/or sharpness - or not.  Choices so that a "best" representation can be achieved.  No one way for all. 


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