Monday, October 01, 2012

Monday Morning Coffee: Abarrotes Y Taqueria

Normally Sunday is my day of wandering around Indiana and Ohio taking photographs.  This last weekend,  Saturday was the day.  Usually prefer Sunday's as there are fewer distractions - people, cars, dogs, etc.  Sunday was taken with other tasks - so Saturday it was.

On Sunday the bad news is that most stores and offices are closed. Am left looking in from the outside.  Saturday finds most - if not all - businesses open.

Decided to return to Union City.  Now this community sits on the Indiana and Ohio boarder.  A part of the town is in Indiana and another part is in Ohio.  For what it is worth, a single post office serves both sides. Go figure!

Not much has changed since my last visit.  Being Saturday, a bit more folks/ traffic about. Stopped a couple of times by people asking what I was doing, aren't the buildings nice, are you working for the newspaper, and must see so and so, as well as such and such. About then recalled why Sunday was a "good" day to photograph.  Oh, people have good intentions -  the Midwest polite way - just tend to break up the photography.

Around mid-afternoon, enough already!   Needed a break, and food seemed to be the way to go. Looked around then noticed a "Abarrotes Y Taqueria". 

                                                     Union City, Indiana.

 Mexican food is a favorite of mine. Walking in, it indeed was the real thing.  Dark interior with no fancy lights, tables, or other wall hangings.  Just a typical store/restaurant that could be found in rural Mexico. Heaven. 

In the back was a grill staffed by a woman who spoke no English.  Ordered in my limited Spanish.  She looked at me, walked away, and found another woman that spoke English.  Repeated the food request in English to her.  She spoke to the cook - in Spanish - and told me would be ready in a few minutes. 

Now a few minutes could be a few minutes or it could be several minutes or it might be longer.  Time is not a constant, rather - depending where you are and with - time is a variable. 

Opposite the grill a television  showing, in Spanish,  a Mexican League Soccer match. While the language was pretty much a mystery, the action on the field was not.  Immediately absorbed by play on the field, trying to catch a few words of description, forgetting about food, time and photography.

Suddenly, from the cook, SENIOR!

After taking the food package, walked to the front, paid  the English speaking woman, and headed for the car, thinking I would eat as I drove to the next location.

Opened the food package and immediately realized that there was no way to eat and drive. Too much food.  Pulled over and consumed half of the order. 

I have never had a better quesadilla.  Might be something to this Saturday photography, especially if I return to Union City, Indiana/Ohio.


Anonymous said...

Looks very much like it could be an Italian restaurant. Haven't thought much about the similarities before. Like this photo.

fotorr said...

Thanks for the kind words. Mexican food is bitdifferent from Italian food. While I enjoy both, Mexican wins.