Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Morning Coffee: No Need to Leave Home

Sunday was a bright clear day here in the city of the Today's Image World Headquarters.  Rather than wandering off somewhere else, decided to stay in town and check what might be happening here.  Gathered up the camera bag, got in the car and started off.  Didn't get very far as the first stop was for fuel - gasoline for the car and coffee/donuts for me.  With both of us filled up, away we went.
Drove slowly around town checking for changes since the last local photographic trip.  Not too different, but a couple of things struck home.  Several new empty storefronts -times are still difficult around here.  At the West edge of town discovered a closed Pizza Hut building.   Even the signage was removed.

                        Richmond, Indiana.

  Now folks around here - as far as I know - do eat pizza and Pizza Hut usually does a rather good business.  We also have several other pizza chains, as well as a couple of local offerings.  Wondered why Pizza Hut was closed - only one on the west side of town.

Went over to the East edge of town and found that Pizza Hut open but seems it is soon to be closed. What going on?  Pizza Hut leaving the area?   On my way home - still on the East side of town discovered a new Pizza Hut outlet.  No seating just preparation and pick up and/or delivery. 

                      Richmond, Indiana.

Seems that Pizza Hut patrons prefer to eat at home and not go to a Pizza Hut location, sit down, order and enjoy their meal.  No - they rather stay at home and have the pizza come to them rather than going to the pizza. Just pick up the phone or start up the computer and order your  meal.  Food comes to you.

Spent Saturday trying to find a warm shirt for the coming winter.  Went to and in six different local stores.  No warm winter shirts available for sale.  Came home and got on the computer, found the warm winter shirt, ordered and will be here at the end of the week.  Kind of like pizza.  No need to leave home, just have it delivered.  


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