Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Morning Coffee: Jump the Shark

                                                                                                               Jump the Shark:
A term to describe a moment when something that was once great has reached a point where it will now decline in quality and popularity.

This is Photokina week.  A once every two years trade show for the world's photographic industry. It officially opens Tuesday in Cologne, Germany.

A bit like an Auto Show, where the new car models are shown along with a few concept - probably never manufactured - special "dream" vehicles.  The idea is to generate a lot of hype for the latest and greatest.

Photokina is no different.  The manufacturers introduce/show their latest photography creations.  Cameras, lenses and other photo related items are available to be seen and in some cases used.

This time around almost all of the new items are digital related.  Cameras, lenses, memory cards, photographic computer tools, etc.

So far no word about products for film - all digital.  New film cameras  are missing in action.  Oh, one company is introducting a new black and white film, but that is about it.

Now earlier in the summer, two manufacturers announced that they were leaving the production of film.  Reason - no profit with aging machinery.

The announced new digital tools sound wonderful and very useful. Cleaver solutions to provide even better images.

Think I hear the "fat lady"  warming up off stage.  Analog/film, if not dead, is nearing the end of wide spread use.  The digital revolution is over and is now the accepted means of photography.

A few film die hards will hang on to the bitter end, but recording images for most will be digital.

We have "Jumped the Shark".



Anonymous said...

I consider myself one of those die hards. I just can't give up my Bessa R. As long as I can get my hands on some film I'll stay clear of shark infested digital waters Lol. BTW have you seen what a lovely developer instant coffe makes.
I enjoy your photo's.

fotorr said...

Thanks for kind words - yes, I will continue to use film for special cases,but digital will be my main means of photography.