Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Morning Coffee: At Least The Coffee Was Good

                                                         57 Channels - and nothin' on

                                                                        Bruce Springsteen

Up early and out the door on Sunday.  Headed to Northern Indiana to check out a few new locations. Loaded the camera equipment the night before to save morning time. 

Arrived at the first location - Auburn - at mid-morning. Drove around a bit in order to get an idea of the possibilities.  Parked the car, grabbed the cameras and starting walking.

After a couple of hours the community started to come alive.  Probably church let out, as traffic picked up.  Looked for subject matter but didn't really see anything. Oh, took a few photographs, but mainly just to look busy.

Nothing seemed to be working.  Bad karma or something.  Nice weather, but for some reason the seeing was just not happening.

Time to move on.

Headed West out of town and drove around for a while, passing thru several other locations.  Stopped a few times and walked about checking out the possibilities.  Nothing! Nada! Zip!

O.K. Decided to quit pushing, hung a left turn and headed home.  Some days it doesn't happen.

Highlight of the day - on the way back, stopped at a McD's for a large black coffee - only $1.

300 miles - and no usuable images.

PS:  Checking the "keeping busy" images, turns out there are some interesting results.  No idea how that happened - must have been on auto-pilot.
                                            Auburn, Indiana.

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