Monday, August 13, 2012

Moning Morning Coffee: Game On

The lineups are fixed and the contests are under way.  Each team is similar in makeup.  Both have age and youth.  Both have representation from the Midwest and the East Coast.  Both have same gender.  Yet they differ.

The "R" team offers rookies.  They have not played before at this level.  For them it is a new game with different rules.  While working together, they present  revolutionary tactics.  New ways of playing for an endgame. 

The "D" team is made up of veterans.  Been there, done it and got the T-shirt.  With a combination of  a careful/reflective leader along with a heady backup that has the ability to see the whole picture, they are ready to defend their position.  Working together, they present a evolutionary tactics.

The "R" team reached the finals after several prelim victories.  With these successes, they are  prepared and ready for the big one. 

The "D" reached the finals by way of a bye.  They, also are prepared and ready to compete.

 The contests will occur in various locations across the country.  Now all locations are equal, but some are more equal  than others.  There are about a half of dozen really important sites.  These are referred to as "Battlegrounds".  It is in these special places that victory will be won or lost.  The most resources will be utilized in these battlegrounds.  Other locations will receive passing attention.

While everyone will have a role in deciding the outcome, the ones in the battlegrounds will make the final decision.  Once again, all are equal, but some are more equal than others.

Not living in a battleground site, I traveled to one, in order to gain an understanding of what is going on.  Wished to see how the grounds keepers are preparing for the upcoming contests.

 Since the "R" lineup was just announced this weekend, their supporters hadn't had enough time to prepare their dugouts for the upcoming contests. Sure that in the coming days they will be up to speed.

The "D" team, as evidenced by the photograph below, having been together for some time, were prepared and had their side of the field ready and in action.

                                                          Kenton, Ohio.

A previously empty storefront is now filled with tables, posters, and phones.  In action daily from 10am till 9pm.  They are up and running..

Another location yielded:

                                                       Upper Sandusky, Ohio.

While the "D" team is on the field, certain that the "R" will soon be taking their positions. Game On.

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