Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Morning Coffee: Service Stations

Spent bit of time this morning reviewing the posts from the last few years.  Trying to gain a better of understanding of what it is that I am seeing.  Discovered a couple of trends.  Seem to have a number of movie theatre's, tattoo shops, lodge halls, and service stations among the posts. No matter where I go, these catch my eye and are often photographed and posted.

For example - service stations:

                             Germantown, Indiana.

                               Fairmount, Indiana.

                               Pie Town, New Mexico.

What I am seeing is that the classic service station with gas pumps out front and a full mechanical service business with lifts and grease pits and tools for rebuilding car parts is mostly gone.

What we have now is that the pumps now sit in front of a General / Convience Store.

                               New Hampshire, Ohio.

                                                                   Abington, Indiana.

Among other trends, I am documenting the death of the service station.

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