Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Down - By - The - Tracks

                    Galveston, Indiana.

Galveston appeared to be a small peaceful community . However on a bit of research the following popped up:

Stray bullets from a gun event in Galveston struck at least one home, a garage and a car.

The incident happened back on April 14.

No one was injured, but a mother was shaken when gunfire broke out a window, struck a door and nearly hit her and her 5-year-old daughter. The bullets came from a Russian machine gun being fired more than a mile away.

A nearby garage and vehicle inside it were also hit, according to police. There was a shooting event going on at a rural home and sponsored by Down by the Tracks Gun Store, according to the police report.

The store and police had different accounts of how many people were at the event, but it was between 15 and 70 people.

No arrests were made and it’s unclear if any laws or regulations were violated. Local authorities did contact the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.
Once again, look beyond/behind the surface.  Often the backstory provides an more informed judgement.  


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