Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cold Coffee

                                        Watching Andy Murray do his plucky loser impression (yet again!).
                                       More importantly to me Wiggo is still in the yellow jersey!!
Pretty much describes my weekend.  Spent much of Saturday and Sunday home watching tennis and the Tour de France.  IMO the good guys won.  The folks in the UK will be pleased with Wiggo and less so with the Murray outcome.
Usual plan is to spend the Saturday and Sunday out and about photographing,  Didn't happen!
Now, Monday, the weather broke a bit - 80's instead of triple digit temps. Time to be out and photographing.
Grabbed a Panasonic G3 body, installed a Panasonic 45-200mm lens and went looking for subject matter.  Don't often use this lens, as most of my subjects require a wide angle lens.

  With no projects/subject matter in mind, just walked around the downtown Richmond.  Most of the time I spend looking straight ahead at the world. The telephoto lens seemed to yell out " look up".  So I did.

Normally this subject matter would be rendered in black and white.  Shape and form tend to get lost in color. Today was a day for different.  So color it is. 
Just in case you think Richmond is all straight lines and neat modern brick work, here is another point of view.

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