Monday, June 11, 2012

Morday Morning Coffee: Redkey Revisit

With wonderful warm and clear weather, managed to return to a couple of loacations.  The last photography trip was four weeks ago!  Yes, the health issues remain, but one must photograph.

First stop was Redkey, Indiana.  As of the 2000 census there were about 1400 people living there.

As with many small Midwest  communities, Redkey was once a social and commercial center for people from the surrounding farms.

Today’s farms now employ more machines than they do people.  The remaining folks now travel to larger local cities for shopping, food, and fun.

Not much -if anything - has changed since visiting a year ago.  On an early Sunday morning no folks out and about - not even a dog.   Even the "Blue Highway" running thru town was quiet.  Maybe three or four cars/trucks in every thirty minutes. 

While most of the storefronts were empty, those that weren't were closed.  Remember this is the Midwest and it's Sunday - case closed. 

Good to be out again looking, seeing and photographing. 

Redkey -as with many farming communities - is dying a not too slow death.  People have left for other places and those remaining are just getting by.

Take a bit of time and take a walk about your community.  Take a good hard look around.  What do you notice/see?  Is you town alive or dying? 

A couple of images from Sunday:

                                                              Redkey, Indiana.

                           Redkey, Indiana.

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