Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Morning Coffee: Fun??

Ads were once pretty simple and straightforward.  Couple of sentences composed of simple direct words.  Name, product and location.  Often on site, plain.and to the point. 
                         Greenville, Ohio

Photography was once simple and straightforward.  Camera loaded with film was about all you needed.  Film could be processed and prints made using a local retail outlet - drug store or photofinisher.  Often a fresh roll of film came along with the developed film and prints.  You were "good to go" again.  Plain and to the point. 

Some were not satisified or just wanted to be more involved.  They learned about developing film and making prints.  For some the darkroom was what photography was all about.  Long hours in the dark, redoing until pleased with the results.  Complete control from capture to finished product.

The equipment - camera and darkroom tools - tanks, trays, enlarger, timer, chemicals - were rather easy to understand and operate.  With practice the analog photography "dance" was straightforward and under control.

Photography has become not so simple and straightforward.  Camera loaded with a memory card and fresh battery will get you started.  Now you need a computer - no local retail outlet - to see your images.  Along with the computer, software programs are needed to "develope" your pictures. Printers are needed so that prints can be produced. 

The darkroom has been replaced by the lightroom - long hours in the light, redoing until pleased with the results. 

The equipment - camera and lightroom tools - computers, programs, scanners, printers, ink, papers - are not easy to understand and operate. Even with practice the digital photography "dance" is not straightforward.   Lightroom tools are not fixed.  They change - sometimes for the better, sometimes not - about every 18 months. 

Enter this last weekend.  While updating the photography computer was a good thing, this implied that other lightroom tools needed attention. Software programs, film scanners and printers needed to be adjusted.  All went well, until it came time to update the printers. 

First, the computer screen needed to be profiled.  There are several tools to do this.  This is rather routine and was finished in about an hour. Updating software programs and film scanners presented no problems.

The rest of the weekend was spent in attempting to get the printers to make a print to match the computer screen.  Several hours along with phone calls to computer/printer tech support helped, but at this time - monday morning - still no match.

After much reading, web searching, phone calls, and e-mails a tool has been suggested.  As with other digital photography "black boxes" - computers, scanners, software - I have no idea what is inside and how or why it works. 

Remindied of the bikie expression - usually near the end of a long bike ride - "Are We Having Fun Yet?".  Stay tuned

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