Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday Morning Coffee: Matching Saga Continues

 Memorial Day with temps in the low 90's make for a quiet day in the Industrial park that is home to Today's Image World HQ.

                                                       Richmond, Indiana.

The saga of computer screen to inkjet print continues.  After a week of many sheets of paper and a great deal of ink, the end is not in sight!  The "Magic Black Box" arrived and was put into action but the results were not great.  In fact they were terrible. 

By the third day - stopped trying and went out for coffee, as the office had run out - the screen and the print were close but not quite a match. 

The next couple of days resulted in little improvement.  Stopped using the "Magic Black Box" and eye-balled a print - using several sheets of paper - that had to be in the mail ASAP. Once that print was completed and sent off, returned to the not so magic "Magic Black Box" and continued the matching journey.

Late Saturday afternoot ran out of paper.  Having used way too much paper, the computer screen and the finished print were still not together. Contacted the paper supplier and was promised delivery - because of Memorial Day - in five days. Matching trials have stopped until the paper shipment arrives.

With no paper, took a break from computers, printers and black boxes and went out and took a few photographs.

                                                      Richmond, Indiana.

Will leave with yet another flag - yes this is Indiana.    

                                                      Connersville, Indiana.

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