Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Morning Coffee: Interesting Week

This has been a "very" interesting/unusual week here at the Today's Image World HQ.  Started off with a redo of the lightroom. 

The newer cameras have larger files and the old computers had problems keeping up.  Soooo- enter a new computer. Now - after a couple of days - a Toshiba All-in One with 23' screen - is up and running.  This meant that the old programs and files had to be transfered to the newer machine.  This turned out to be more of a task than expected.  Passwords searched for - not always found right away - and programs updated to run on the new system.

In the middle of this computer setup, Photoshop CS6 arrived.  After installing CS6, all the bits and pieces from CS5 were moved over to CS6.  By now the week is nearing an end.

At this time a new problem surfaced.  Health issue.  Now sure how or why, but a pinched nerve in my back appeared.  Walking/sitting has become a difficulty.  Trip to two doctors, major pain medicine, rest and much sleep.  This, along with the lightroom redo, has made for no blog entries.

Today, the lightroom redo is finished and will visit yet another doctor to see about the back and leg problem.

Meanwhile, a couple of images for today.

                       Richmond, Indiana.

                       Cambridge City, Indiana.

With flags front and back, you know you are in Indiana

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