Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Monday Morning Coffee: Warmed over Coffee

I know that it is Tuesday and not Monday.  Been a busy time here at the Today's Image World Headquarters.  Spent much of Easter Sunday moving around Western Ohio. Several new locations as well as a couple of "old friends". 

This was the first field trip with the new Pansonic G3 kit madeup of  two bodies and three lenses (9-18mm, 12-45mm, 45-200mm) along with the extra batteries, and memory cards.  Sounds like a big load of stuff but turned out to be rather small, light and an easy carry. 

With coffee in hand, out the door and off on the road.  First stop New Carlisle, Ohio.

                                                                        New Carlisle, Ohio

Interesting community with many newly updated buildings.  Several "Art" type stores along with  a few suprises.

                        New Carlisle, Ohio

Once again, as in Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana, there are indications that the face of the Midwest is changing.  New people with different backgrounds cannot but add to the richness that is Middle America.  Good to have these folks here and becoming part of the area.

                         New Carlisle, Ohio.

Not everything has been renewed.  There are still structures that recall the past.  They may have changed uses but they remain and remind us of what once was.

Sunday was a good day.  The new equipment was easy and fun to use.  Monday was spent going thru the many files and selecting those to post process with the new software (Photoshop CS6 Beta).  In fact I lost track of the time, which is why Tuesday is the new Monday Morning. 

More results from the journey in coming posts.

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