Monday, April 02, 2012

Monday Morning Coffee: Catching Up

Been a quiet weekend here at Today's Image main headquarters.  Spent a bit of time updating the photography software. 

Managed to get Photoshop CS6 Beta downloaded and installed on the two main photography computers.  Next - after some rather long moments - loaded several "plug-ins"  into the new Photoshop program. 

Now, CS6 comes in two styles- 32bit and 64 bit.  One computer can handle the 64 bit program.  However several of the plug-ins only work in 32bit!  Thus a choice needs to be made.  Work in 64 bit with reduced options or work in 32 bit with full choice of plug-ins, but at a reduced speed. 

The other computer only works in 32bit.  No choices here - just accept the reduced speed and have use of all the plug-ins.

Finally, after all the installing and loading, managed to edit some images using the new software. 

                      Anderson, Indiana.

                      Eaton, Ohio

These were taken with the Panasonic DMC G3 camera fitted with a 14-45mm lens.  The new software and camera equipment seem to be working well together.  Will be purchasing the released CS6 version when the CS6 Beta trial ends.

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