Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Morning Coffee: Beneath the Surface

Spent Sunday wandering around central Ohio.  Kenton and Mt. Victory were the main stops.  More on Kenton in a later post.  This entry is about Mt. Victory.

Now according to the village posting:
             "Mt. Victory is a historic village of 600 located on State Route 31 in Hardin County, Ohio amidst a rural landscape of the Old Order Amish Community. Mt. Victory is a friendly village."
Sounds like my "cup of tea".  And indeed it seemed to be:

                         Mt. Victory, Ohio

                                                            Mt. Victory, Ohio

However, all is not as it seems.
From the A.P. press on April 20, 2012 the folowing appears:

              KENTON, Ohio -- An Ohio man suspected of holding a gun and making a threat during a confrontation between  a Ku Klux Klan group and a black man has pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor charge.  The suspect, is white.
Last month, the Hardin County Sheriff's Office received a report that a KKK group was walking in Mount Victory   Witnesses say the suspect  pointed a pistol at the ground and threatened a black man.

Sheriff's officials have said that the suspect had the weapon legally but was wrong to pull it out during the confrontation.
                        Mt. Victory, Ohio

What seems to be is not always what is.

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