Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Morning Coffee: Take 11 - New Tool

Will take a break from the postcards and introduce a new tool in the camera bag.  After much reflection and reading, decided to move into a different format - micro four thirds with a crop factor of 2x.  That means a a 50mm lens for a 35mm camera becomes a 100mm lens on a 4/3 camera.  This is great for telephoto images but not so great for wide angle photographs - you need a 7mm lens to obtain a 14mm wide angle photograph.  Since most - if not all - of the recent images are 28mm and above, should not be too great a problem.  Let me introduce you to the Panasonic MDC G3 camera. 

Leica, Nikon, Canon and Pentax usually come to mind when thinking about cameras.  Sony and Panasonic usually mean electronics - TV's, radios.   Times are changing.  Today's cameras are more like computers.  Today's cameras are not analog.  They are electronic.

The G3 has a weight of less the one pound - including the 14-42mm kit lens.  While the Nikon 300 with 18-200mm lens - my usual combination - weights more than 3 pounds!  Enough said! 

As shown above the G3 fits on a CD case with room left over.  The most important question: Image quality?  Up to the Nikon?  To find an answer, took a walk about photographing familiar Richmond locations.

                                                                  County Court House
                                                      Along Main Street
                                                      Favorite Alley
                                                     Downtown Sidewalk
                        Local Church

Based on these images, the G3 produces clear, sharp and "good" color images.  This camera/lens combination is a winner.  The Panasonic G3 will continue to be in the camera line-up.  My back says GREAT.

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