Monday, February 27, 2012

Moning Morning Coffee: Take 9 - Style


Grafton, the first large town west of Winchester, Virginia, is the countyseat of Taylor County.  With a population of less than 6,000, Grafton is now among the most economically and socially depressed places in West Virginia.  Run-down boarded-up buildings and houses line the streets of what was once a bustling B&O Railroad town.  At one time about sixty percent of the people worked for the railroad.  Now the railroad is gone and nothing has come along to replace it.  Doesn't look like any thing will.

The mood in a color photograph is often energetic and contemporary. While the mood in a black-and-white photograph is often serious and classic. The choice between a black-and-white or color photograph can be a choice of mood.

If you wish to focus on the mood and timelessness of a location, then black-and-white might be might be a better choice. 

All photographers have their own style for taking photographs. The conditions that you use to take photographs and the type of photographs you take determine which style you prefer.

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