Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Image started as a 35mm colored slide.  In the darkroom the slide was enlarged to a black and white film negative.  We now have a negative which can be used to print - on photographic paper - a positive print.  This is an "old school" wet darkroom way to work.  A lot of time - couple of hours for setting up enlarger projection, getting correct exposure, processing, and drying film. Then repeating the steps with the film negative and photographic paper to achieve the final result - a print.   

Using a digital workflow, begin by scanning the slide and saving the result to a computer. Opening the digital file, using Photoshop software, the scanned positve slide is sized, sharpened and finished.  The digital file is printed using an ink-jet printer. Time required from start to print - less than an hour. 

Yes, the two prints - analog / digital - differ.  No, one is not better than the other - just different.  Which way to work is a maker's choice. Which print to choose is a viewer's choice. 

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