Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Morning Coffee: Take 4 - Aim and Push

"No photographer is as good as the simplest camera."
                                                                         - Edward Steichen

The parking lot image was photographed on 35mm film with a plastic Ansco Vision I camera. Simple tool that cost about $5.00. Fixed shutter speed; fixed lens opening and focus free-i.e. fixed focus. Two choices- where you stand and when you push the shutter. Aim, push the shutter release and that's it.

In this case the camera was loaded with infrared-film - the reason for the red filter pasted over the lens.

These days you can spend some $7,000 (Leica M9) for a camera.  That will buy a lot of Ansco Vision cameras.  Now with the Vision I you also get a built in flash.  The Leica doesn't offer that!

 Not suggesting that you stop using your Leica/Nikon/ Canon/.......  cameras.  No they offer many choices and are able to produce fine images.  They offer a photographer more control of the final image. A photographer can craft an unique image by using focusing, various lens openings and  shutter speeds.

Every now and then, put away the expensive camera, pick up something simple and take a "walk about".  When photographs appear, aim and push.

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