Monday, January 09, 2012

Monday Morning Coffee: Take 2 - Why Are You Standing THERE?


Every camera image makes use of a lens somehow.

Photography's problem is to make beautiful photographs of what is there, rather than to photograph what is "beautiful".  One "chisel mark" a lens can make on photography is acceptance - of the world, of the medium and of oneself.  Nothing has to change in order to be photographed.

Photographs can contain more than light, tones, texture, color and realistic detail; they can also convey a personal feeling about the mood of a place, the feel of a texture, the lightness of a tone, and the flip side of a soul.

Find a place to put your lens.  When you find it, you will be comfortable there and your images will seem right.

                                New Paris, Ohio

Here a viewer is presented with a direct head on view of the subject.  Yes, we can determine the name and nature of the business. However the presentation seems simply to show that and not much else.  Raises few questions.  Provides little information. A closed image - no avenue of escape. Stuck within the frame.

                                New Paris, Ohio.

Moving a bit to the right, allows a view beyond just the face of the building while continuing to allow a determination of the name and the nature of the business.   Information -  entrance to upper floor, roadway on the right, hint of what lies beyond the building.  Questions - upstairs , roadway, neighborhood.  An open image - wander over the face of the building, walk down the roadway along the side of the buildings, and explore the reality beyond. 

Any photograph should answer the question, "Why was the lens placed here rather than somewhere else?"  The answer will probably reflect an effort to walk the tightrope between image and reality, and to give photographs an interest and life of their own without violating the life of the reality itself.

P.S.  Will be off line for a bit.  Should return in about a week.  Check back for the next Monday Morning Coffee:  Take 3

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