Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Year End Review #3 Communities

                            Another thread from a year of wandering about the Midwest.

Here in Richmond, Indiana is an established church.  Active in the area with several outreach programs.  Sort of thing that you expect to see in the Midwest.  Would appear that all is well in the "fly over" part of the country.  Maybe yes - perhaps not.

Over in London, Ohio there was once an alive church. Now, with no congregation, boarded up, and for sale.  What happened here?  Members move away?  Folks elect other options?  Congregation grow old?  Moving thru the Midwest, I have seen this dead church scene in many locations.  Established faiths with standing buildings now unused, shuttered and for sale.

Why/How do some prosper while others don't?

 In Richmond, there are at least three Main Street storefornt churches.  Several more are scattered about the city.  These are not only alive and active, but are growing.  These tend to be physically small allowing the members to feel a closeness.  Members are active - in the action.  Often   able to immediately help one another with personal problems, as well as, daily physical needs.    A personal community in touch with its members.

Once again no answers, just questions.  No solutions, just problems.  Will keep going and photographing.  Will continue looking and perhaps seeing. 

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