Friday, December 30, 2011

Year End review:# 1 A Gift

The above image resulted after a couple of hours wandering about Union City, Indiana/Ohio. Had been moving from location to location, quickly photographing. It was a hot, muggy spring day. Ready to head home, stopped in a bit of shade, to pack up.   Finishing, I looked about. Out came a camera. This image wasn't made or taken. It was given.

Posted as "A View of One Shoe Walking".  A Bauhaus moment - looking up/looking down.  A Minor White moment - inner Zen.  Rushing about, hurrying to arrive, racing from here to there, we reach a goal.  In doing so, we miss seeing.  Stand still.  Move - if you must - carefully.  Be aware and alert. 

A way of working - allow the external to connect with the internal and then respond.  Other times an internal feeling will find representation in an external happening.  There is no one way.  Gifts are given to those that are open and accepting.

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